Widex Evoke

Communicating the benefits of a cutting-edge technology to both hearing aid experts and consumers 



Create a global product launch campaign that targets both dispensers and end-users, for WIDEX Evoke – the first hearing aid to use machine learning to guide users to a better, more personalised sound. The campaign should elegantly encompass the two different but complimentary pillars of the offering – more effortless interactivity that learns how you want to hear and more sophisticated automation that implements this knowledge to deliver a better, more natural sound.

The campaign should result in a product platform that can be used for subsequent Evoke launches as well as expressing a bolder, audiology focused positioning for the brand as a whole



We utilised our membership of Worldwide Partners to find a US partner to help us gather insights during an extensive research phase which involved talking to audiologists and dispensers from practices all over the US. This not only fuelled the creative development of the Evoke campaign but also created a wealth of strategic knowledge of the target groups that would be used in subsequent campaigns.

The key insight was that while people demand more control over their hearing life, they ultimately want to forget that they’re wearing hearing aids. We mapped this to the benefits of the two pillars of the product – more effortless interactivity and more sophisticated automation – and created the creative concept – INTELIGENT TODAY. SMARTER TOMORROW, because Evoke is a product that both learns and ‘just knows’ how you want to hear.

The two sides of this concept allowed us to take dispensers and end-user from the core of the technology to its real-world benefits in a clear, natural and engaging way. This was reinforced visually by layering a computer-generated grid – representing the technology’s understanding of the environment – over highly relatable and authentic imagery of people in real life hearing situations.

The campaign landed in the Evoke platform line, HEARING HAS EVOLVED that we created to illustrate the ground-breaking and market leading essence of the new technology and in order to allow us to accommodate the subsequent planned updates to the technology.

A ‘master story’ was created that allowed the in-house marcom team at WIDEX to roll out a profusion of tactical elements that, when combined with the film and visuals we developed, resulted in a consistent and cohesive campaign across numerous elements, channels and markets.

Introducing the Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid



  • Although official sales figures have yet to be compiled, we’ve been informed that initial orders have been overwhelming.

  • The EVOKE campaign represented the beginning of the Real Life Hearing philosophy that now forms the core of the WIDEX offering.

  • The EVOKE campaign confirmed the success of the paradigm shift founded by our earlier UNIQUE campaign which transformed the impact WIDEX’s communications and established WIDEX as a more aspirational and differentiated brand.