Strengthening brand awareness in South East Asia



As one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, South East Asia is undergoing massive changes. More and more people are moving into cities – each demanding safer, healthier and more premium produce, needing comfortable, air-conditioned places to live, shop and work and generating a rapidly growing import and export industry.

This regional trend increases the pressure to develop more efficient and sustainable food supply, buildings and shipping. This is where Danfoss can make a difference – the only thing holding them back, was a lack of awareness in that part of the world.

To help them overcome this challenge, Advance was asked to create an awareness campaign that could activate up to four target audiences, in three different business areas, and would resonate in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Five countries with their different cultures, levels of market maturity and media landscapes.


  • Position the brand as a solution provider and broaden the knowledge of Danfoss solutions within three key business areas:

    - Cold Chain
    - Commercial Buildings
    - Marine & Offshore

  • Strengthen perception of the brand as an innovator in the category and grow brand awareness.

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    The key challenge was to create a campaign that could be tailored to each business area and target audience, in all five countries and across different media platforms, all while maintaning a unified and coherent brand presence in the region as a whole.

    To achieve this, we drew on the local expertise that we can access through our membership of the Worldwide Partners network. We found a local partner in Malaysia who had a strong network throughout the region who assisted with local insights and media buying.

    Together with key stakeholders from Danfoss offices in South East Asia, we developed a messaging grid that connected industry, target audience and region specific insights with Danfoss solutions and product offerings. This resulted in a large number of highly targeted campaign elements.



    A mobile-first, digital, unified but localised awareness campaign across five markets, three sectors and eight sub-audiences based on three key parameters:

  • Cultural insight

    We leveraged relevant mega-trends in the region, such as urbanisation and electrification, along with key industry-specific drivers to establish Danfoss as an expert in the region.

  • Local relevance

    Each target audience in each country received messaging based on country specific statistical insights to demonstrate that Danfoss understood the challenges of the day.

  • Differentiated media

    We adjusted media strategy based on the brand’s penetration in the various countries as well as the local variations in media consumption.

  • Market specific social assets

    Theme specific Facebook Instant Experiences



    Our tailored, highly relevant content delivered impressive involvement and engagement. Results were higher than expected for impressions, views and clicks across channels. We continually optimised the campaign and gradually narrowed the audience so that the most engaged users received more detailed content.

    Across the five countries, we reached an impressive average of 13 minutes spent visiting our Instant Experiences on Facebook. By comparison, time spent on campaign landing pages is generally less than three minutes.

    We succeeded in creating not only awareness, but qualified awareness across the region. This helped spread the message that Danfoss, through innovative technologies, is driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow, today.







    video views



    Avg. time spent in Instant Experience


    The campaign is to be followed up with a second burst in 2020.

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