Ipren – Taking the #3 painkiller in Sweden to #1 in under two years


Return Sweden’s iconic and much loved Ibuprofen brand, Ipren, to the number one position by convincing users of leading competitor Alvedon to switch.

  • Disrupting an aggressive category where brand loyalty is set in the childhood home
  • Overcoming a low understanding and awareness of active ingredients
  • Addressing an overly cautious and negligent approach to treating pain effectively
  • Solution

    Man Flu


    Our new platform "Pain Doesn't Have To Be So Dramatic" allowed us to demonstrate to consumers that Ipren not only understands what causes pain and how to treat it, but also how it feels to be in pain.

    Content was produced across digital, social and mass channels that balanced entertainment and education to provoke Swedes to question their attitudes to pain and how to treat it. This allowed us to communicate our claims in a natural and relevant way helping convince consumers to switch to Ipren®.

    Cold & Flu Edutainment


    There are plenty of painkiller brands that tell you how their products can help you when you get a cold, but how do you avoid catching one in the first place? For Ipren, we created three short films for social media featuring advice on how best to avoid getting or spreading cold and flu bacteria.


    Ipren is now the market leader with exceptional results:



    In Adult Pain, ahead of Alvedon


    Value sales growth in 2016

    Leading to +3pt market share


    ROI from our TVCs

    The highest ever for the brand

    1 in 5

    of Iprensa sales attributed to media...

    ... and 7% of Ipren tablet sales driven by communication

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