LEGO Stranger Things - a campaign that took us back to the ’80s


Stranger Things

How do you connect one of the world’s most recognisable brands, with one of the most-loved television shows, in a campaign that stays true to the values of both?

In 2019, the LEGO Group approached us with their new Stranger Things set ("The Upside Down"), a product that collected key characters and scenes from the famous series that captured 80's nostalgia. 

The LEGO Group wanted a campaign that was able to turn adult fans of Stranger Things into consumers, by delivering an experience they would find authentic. It also needed to gain exposure through the buzz of the IP Partner (Netflix) and let the LEGO brand as a whole ride the wave.

The product packaging for LEGO: Stranger Things.


Drivers of the creative concept

The Stranger Things fanbase has created an extensive sub-culture around the show that worships “geekiness”. We had an opportunity to tap into this community and speak to them using their language. As the fans don’t only engage on social media, we needed to recognise the channels where they are most active to create maximum hype.


The Campaign

Our campaign took place over two phases – pre-launch and post-launch – that seamlessly connected the product with the hunger for mystery and intrigue that characterizes fans of both LEGO and Stranger Things, whilst recalling the unmistakable 80s universe of the show. 

Phase 1: Pre-launch intrigue

We knew the best way to engage our audience was to challenge them. To appeal to their inner geek.

The first phase of the campaign was thus intended to tease and intrigue genuine LEGO and Stranger Things fans about the new set. The clues started out subtle, with no direct mention of the show. Along the way, the hints became less ambiguous to include the show’s more casual fans. By product launch, everyone had figured it out. 



Phase 2: Post-launch informing

Now that the community had come to know about the launch of the product, we began to promote it. But that didn't mean that we couldn't continue to be engaging and creative, whilst connecting to the Stranger Things world. 

Instead of a traditional product introduction by the designer, we made it into an 80's low budget talkshow.

Behind The Brick Designer Video


  • 18,056,450 reached through Facebook – the vast majority organically - and nearly 50,000 Facebook comments 

  • 7 million video views across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • The launch reveal video had over 1 million views on Facebook alone, with 46% of engagements coming from shares

  • The campaign's 6 Instagram posts reached 5,186,828 people with 10% engagement

  • Average engagement rate of 6.4% across Facebook and Instagram

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    “It was a piece of brilliant marketing work and it has given us fantastic publicity and a product that really sells well”

    – Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President at the LEGO Group



    Winner: Gold in SoMe Campaigns at Creative Circle Award 2020

    Winner: Silver in Film over 180 seconds at Creative Circle Award 2020

    Winner: Gold in Content Production category at Danish Digital Awards 2020

    Winner: Silver in Best Entertainment Campaign – The True Awards.

    Winner: B2C Category – Worldwide Partners Impact Awards.

    See our case study video and read more about our award win here.


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