Engaging LEGO fans in real time co-creation, on a global scale



LEGO tasked us to come up with a campaign that would:

  • Create thorough engagement amoungst the Minecraft fans (10+)

  • Grow building confidence among consumers

  • Show that LEGO Minecraft encompasses central themes such as creativity, building, and exploration and thereby increase relevance



We built the strategy, and final solution, on the key insights of how:

  • Minecraft fans love rebuilding classic in-game Minecraft situations in LEGO bricks

  • Tweens are looking for instant gratification

  • Co-building posts are among the most engaging content across all LEGO lines

Creative solution


Our solution was a large-scale building competition orchestrated via the LEGO Minecraft Facebook page. The campaign, the LEGO Minecraft Classic tales, ran for a month in both the spring and autumn of 2016, and engaged fans worldwide in both building and the co-creation of content.

Every Friday throughout the campaign period the LEGO Minecraft Facebook page released a stop-motion video leaving the main characters of Minecraft, Steve or Alex, in a very tight spot. The task of the fans was then to build something that would help them out, take a photo of it and upload it to the Facebook page. The most creative contributions won various LEGO Minecraft sets. And more importantly, the winning model was brought to life in a follow-up stop-motion video posted within the same week.

As such, the Classic Tales building competition prompted fans to use their creativity, and knowledge of the LEGO Minecraft universe, to engage with the brand on a whole new level. The campaign also strengthened the LEGO Minecraft online community, as members both shared, discussed, and learned from each other. Moreover, content of an unseen quality resulted, and this content continues to live throughout LEGO’s social- and digital channels.

LEGO Minecraft



The campaign engaged the Minecraft community at record high levels, resulting in:

  • More than 1895 submissions into the competition

  • Created an industry high total amount of engaged users as well as engagement rate

  • The campaign generated a large reach – both inside and outside of the community – and had more than 2.6 million views on YouTube (Today +6 mio)

  • Additionally, the LEGO Minecraft Facebook community accumulated more than 10.000 new fans throughout the campaign period. And not only did we grow the community, we also continuously urged fans to come back to the Facebook page for more.

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