PIZ BUIN – Revitalizing an iconic brand by challenging industry conventions



Swiss sun care brand PIZ BUIN, the originator of SPF protection and once-iconic industry innovator, was losing relevance with today’s young sun seekers by communicating tanning ideals of the past.

In addition, the skin care category continued to introduce more and more products with SPF serving to dilute the primary benefit of sun care – sun protection. The result? Over a decade long decline in market share for PIZ BUIN in a category that was losing relevance.

Our challenge? Restore PIZ BUIN to its iconic status with a big, category re-defining idea.



Category convention demanded promoting the latest product benefits, focusing on how to best get a beautiful tan. We decided to dig deeper and ask why people tan in the first place.

The answer was as revelatory as it was simple, people weren’t tanning just to look beautiful, they wanted a beautiful tan so that they could be recognised, connect and communicate with others... and at no time is that desire to connect more resonant than that moment when you get back from a sun-filled holiday, walk through the door, and someone says:

'Where have you been!'

PIZ BUIN believes that behind every beautiful tan is a story waiting to be told, and with that belief emerges the brand’s newfound purpose, helping sun lovers everywhere enjoy, share, and experience their most beautiful in-sun moments.



From 2015 the 'Where have you been!' platform has been successfully activated across EMEA. Using the networks of PIZ BUIN elected influencers in five European markets, sun lovers everywhere are being invited to share their beautiful in-sun experiences to PIZ BUIN's new community platform Sun Finder where the aspiration is to become the next PIZ BUIN Sun Ambassador and travel the world discovering the best places under the sun.

Instant Glow

The 'Where Have You Been!' platform is driving record ROI with profitable brand growth in key markets.


higher TV ROI in Spain

compared to local industry average.


higher TV ROI in Italy

compared to local industry average.


higher digital ROI

compared to industry average in Spain.


In 2016 Piz Buin achieved the highest market share gains ever, +40 million Facebook impressions and consistent engagement four times the industry benchmark.