Making a splash in the dental care management category



Carestream Dental developed a new care management platform with the objective of expanding reach among multi-group practices (2-15 dental practices) while also retaining and moving existing customers to the solution. The inherent value of the platform is ease and simplification of patient handling, while also optimizing business management for dental practitioners. In order to successfully tease about and launch the care management platform on the US market, gain awareness among new target groups and retain interest with existing ones, Carestream Dental needed a concept, which allowed for activation across a multitude of communication assets and channels.

  • Tease and create awareness about the new Carestream Dental care management platform to retain and move existing customers and expand reach among multi-group practices.

  • Strategic development, creative concept development and activation across a multitude of communication assets.

  • Background


    Carestream Dental provides industry-leading dental digital product lines and services, including imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems, software and practice management solutions, for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually and aids in more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care.



    Developing a successful new care management platform involves establishing deep knowledge of the pains and gains of dental practitioners. To accommodate this, Carestream Dental developed the platform with input from hundreds of practitioners. To create the best foundation for developing an effective and resonating concept, we had to gain access to this valuable information. To do so effectively without missing out on any vital insights, the outset for the project became a one week trip to Carestream Dental’s headquarter in Atlanta, where both strategic recommendations and concept were created.

    Step 1. Knowledge & insights gathering
    We flew to Carestream Dental in Atlanta for an intense week of knowledge and insights gathering used to formulate strategic and creative direction. A core team of stakeholders were updated throughout the formulation process to ensure alignment.

    Step 2. Presentation and evaluation
    The strategic and overall creative direction was presented to the core stakeholder group for review. The recommendations were evaluated and adjustments needed were aligned in order to reach final approval.

    Step 3. Refinement
    The Advance team brought the strategic direction and creative concept back to Denmark. The strategic document was adjusted according to the agreement and the creative concept exemplified across chosen communication assets.

    Step 4. Activation
    Based on the approved strategy, concept and exemplified communication assets, the strategy and creative concept were activated across a multitude of agreed communication assets.



    The concept for the new Carestream Dental care management system not only communicates the ultimate benefit of a dental care management platform tailored to the needs of dental practitioners – it also does so in a completely new and innovative way combining insights and art making the concept stand out compared to the competition.

    The fundamental insight behind the concept was that dental practices often get in the way of dental care, simply because appliances like care management platforms in dental practices do not enable dental practitioners to effectively work around the multitude of everyday interruptions. However, with the natural workflow created by the intuitive setup of the new Carestream Dental platform, this is now possible.

    To portray the improved workflow, a visual universe was created from a milk surface with splashes of colours, which were made expand by putting in drops of detergent. This visual and written communication was activated across a multitude of communication assets including video, ads, teaser sheets, landing page, email and social media posts.

    Teaser film with the aim of teasing about the features and launch time



    Quote from Dr. Edward Shellard, Chief Dental Officer, Carestream Dental

    The team at Advance has a rare talent of digging into the heart of a product offering in order to deliver creative concepts that exemplify it in a powerful way. They go beyond the specs, beyond the features and beyond the bells and whistles to show exactly how it will provide immediate customer value whilst articulating a long-term vision for the future. 

    When working with Advance on this product, I was impressed with the thoughtful questions and discussions we had as they sought to truly understand our new software platform. They looked at things in ways that were not only outside of the box—the box was thrown away! And, within only a few days, they created a visual that perfectly encapsulated what it will do for the market. Overall, I find Advance to be an agency that is extremely creative and passionate about the work they do for their clients