How do you create global marketing strategies that are locally relevant?


As a CMO in today’s marketing landscape, you face some difficult challenges. You are expected to deliver results faster, cheaper and in more markets. While global marketing strategies should create growth, consumers want locally relevant and engaging content. 


It's complicated

Increasing complexity in international marketing demands more flexibility and transparency in how we work together. As brands navigate the global marketplace, the question of how to organise teams and partner resources is becoming increasingly intricate. Local customers expect personalisation that includes accurate, relevant and appropriate reflections of local behaviour and cultures, and this forces organisations to review their practices.

Working across markets is challenging. It requires handling the different needs of many stakeholders; local data and insights may be difficult to access in time; and your team has to move faster to seize new market opportunities as the business evolves.

“We can draw upon our international network of specialists in order to collect client- and market data as well as knowledge about local consumer behaviour.”

- Ann-Louise Rosen, Head of International Partnerships, Partner and Client Service Director


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The importance of collaboration

A new study that Advance has accessed through our agency-network partner, Worldwide Partners, shows that 46% of international CMOs need improved collaboration across their partner landscape to ensure effective international marketing strategies that are locally relevant. 

Ann-Louise explains that the ability to facilitate collaboration among the right people at the right time is key to international success. 


Lessons we’ve learned after more than 40 years of working with international clients

A clear direction
Prioritise establishing a clear direction for your marketing based on a common core story that differentiates the brand across all markets.

A strong network
Choose a well-connected partner who thrives on collaboration and drives processes in an international context.

Create a flexible and transparent partnership that involves the right local competencies at the right time in the process, as well as ensuring the possibility of scaling up or down.

Effective decision-making
Make sure that both you and other important parties are accessible during the process and work closely together so decisions can be taken quickly and effectively. This is a decisive factor when campaigns have to be developed over short periods of time.

Alignment on expectations
Be honest regarding expectations, roles and areas of responsibility both internally and among your partner landscape.


True believers in the power of collaboration

When you need to develop global strategies and concepts, co-create or acid test creative work to address regional or local market demands, it is essential that your partners also have the necessary local insight. Our networks include Worldwide Partners and NetworkONE, so we can ensure efficient implementation through local specialist partners, who know the specific market. 

John Harris is CEO and President for Worldwide Partners. He talks about what he sees as some of the “must win” battles that international CMOs are currently facing, and gives inspiring advice about how we can approach them.


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