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As a CMO working with an international brand, you know all about the challenges of developing global marketing strategies. It can be difficult to handle the needs of many stakeholders, local data and insights may be difficult to access in time, and your team has to move faster to seize new market opportunities as your business evolves.


“Reshaping Global Engagement Operations”

As brands navigate the global marketplace, the question of how to organise teams and partner resources is becoming increasingly complex. Local customers expect personalisation that includes accurate, relevant and appropriate reflections of local behaviour and cultures, and this forces organisations to review their practices. 

The recently completed “Reshaping Global Engagement Operations” is an international research study that investigates new thinking around global operational structures.


Shared insights – only in this study

The study has been conducted by Worldwide Partners in close collaboration with the CMO Council, a global network of 15,000+ senior corporate marketing executives worldwide. 

More than 350 international marketing leaders from all over the world have contributed to best practices for organisational structure, team empowerment to meet the needs of the local customer, and agency and partner management in the new global matrix. They also share insights into the needs, challenges and opportunities of reshaping the operations of global engagement and experience. 

The report includes a detailed analysis of the findings, 27 charts and graphs, deep-dive interviews with brand leaders, and two exclusive in-depth read-outs on agency partnership evolution, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of regional views and differences.



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Advance has more than 40 years of experience working with international marketing. Our close collaboration with Worldwide partners continues to help our clients succeed – both globally and locally.

We hope you will find this study inspirational. If you have any questions about the study or would like to discuss any of your specific thoughts regarding operating across markets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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