A close race created strong results for Widex


A close race created strong results for Widex

Widex has been partners with Advance since 2010. As Widex was about to introduce a brand new technology into the market (namely where machine learning was utilized to provide users with a more personalized sound and thus a better experience), this close and long-standing cooperation proved crucial to international success.

In addition to finding the best way to communicate the benefits to both professionals and users, the required solution also needed to construct a communications platform on which future product launches in the Evoke portfolio could build upon. And not least, we needed to ensure Widex held a clear position as the frontrunner in innovative hearing aids, in a highly competitive and feature-driven market.

Introducing the Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid


Insight-based and international

With the US as the main focus market, it was essential to build the concept on data and insights about the target groups in this region. Advance, therefore, selected a suitable US network partner from our international network of Worldwide Partners to connect with the right audiologists, experts and users in the market.

In collaboration with the partner, we gathered a broad knowledge that formed the foundation of our go-to-market strategy, the creative platform and campaign communication.


A flexible, courageous and long-lasting collaboration made the difference

In the technology category, it is crucial to hit the market fast and at the right time to guarantee competitiveness. Therefore, the marketing process is often short, which in turn makes transparency and agile collaboration crucial. As it so proved in this case.

We designed a process that incorporated close dialogue with key stakeholders at Widex, permitting decision-making throughout both the strategic and creative development. In dialogue with Widex’s stakeholders in their main markets, as well as their internal agency, Advance developed the overall communication concept and rolled out the campaign. Collaboration ensured an integrated and coherent campaign across platforms, media and markets.


The campaign left a solid imprint

Though results are confidential, the Evoke campaign has delivered overwhelmingly positive business results, according to Widex. The campaign also laid the basis of the philosophy 'Real Life Hearing', which is a key element going forward in the development of new Widex products.

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Claus Wittenborg

CEO, Partner

40 25 79 20 CW@advance.dk