How The Øresund Bridge connects to the best moment


How The Øresund Bridge connects to the best moment

The Øresund Bridge needed to be known as more than just a piece of asphalt that connects Denmark and Sweden.

Therefore, to secure an emotional resonance with the customers, we explored the human needs behind the drive for new experiences on the other side.

Our core insight was that both the Swedish and Danish target groups wanted their spare time to be true quality time. Focusing on finding the true moment of truth, we discovered that the moment, crossing the bridge on the way back home, when the kids are sleeping on the back seat, that’s when you know and feel it had been a good trip. That’s when you realize, you should do this more often. And that this was an experience that you want to share and inspire others with.

It is that feeling of relief and realisation that is the clearest sign of the trip being worth it all. On that basis, we created a communication platform: 'What are you bringing home?'


Huge investment must be earned back home

The Øresund Bridge is owned and operated by the Øresund Bridge Consortium, equally owned by the Swedish and the Danish state. The bridge was built to promote the Øresund region and make it even more attractive to visit, as well as live and work in. The 30 billion-kroner investment is earned back through bridge fees, with leisure traffic as a significant source of revenue. In 2019, Advance won the brief to create effective branding and marketing to motorists on both sides of the bridge – an impact that needed to also increase the conversion to the leisure subscription “BroPas”.

What's better than seeing the kids sleeping quietly in the backseat on the way home from a great day?

You can bring home lots of memories thanks to Club BroPas, the customer loyalty program with special offers on the other side of the bridge.


Over 80,000 new customers in 2019

Marketing contributed to increasing traffic volume, improved business results and great customer access. Today, the Øresund Bridge has over 550,000 BroPas customers, exceeding this year's new customer goal by more than 10%. Leisure traffic increased by 2.8%, and a new record was set for number of vehicles in one month, as 857,500 vehicles passed across the bridge in July alone.

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