We create coherence out of complexity

Brands must navigate an increasingly complex world. We help to create clarity.



Our competences and approach are shaped by our belief that a broader perspective helps us deliver more value. Our network of Preferred Partners complement our core services, strengthening and diversifying the eventual solutions. Clients experience a full service approach – but with the added benefit of specialist expertise.

Insights & Strategy

  • Market & Customer Insights,

    We believe every strategy and all communication should be rooted in a deep understanding of the market and customer reality. We conduct research or explore data from our clients in order to build our recommendations on a solid foundation.

  • Brand & Product Positioning Strategies,

    We work to ensure the building blocks of a strong positioning are always in place: competitively differentiated, resonant and relevant to consumers, and anchored by the brand’s ability to deliver on what it promises.

  • Digital Analysis & Strategy,

    In an increasingly customer-centric world, it’s vital that brands understand their audience’s digital behaviour. We use social media listening, keyword analysis and other tools to build up actionable customer personas. Together with a rigorous analysis of the competitor landscape to identify areas of opportunity, we then develop a strategic framework for optimising the brand’s digital presence.

  • Customer Journey Mapping,

    We use customer journeys to define the gaps & opportunities for engagement between brand and customer. To us, it’s also a collaborative tool where we work together with the client (and other external agencies) to create a framework that can fuel future strategies.

  • Channel & Content Strategies,

    Ultimately, this comes down to the right content in the right channels at the right time. We start by using target group insights to define the role of the brand in the relevant channels. This ensures solid foundations for developing an effective – and coherent – content strategy.

Concept Development

  • Corporate & Brand Communication Concepts,

    Our corporate communication concepts are always rooted in the essence, and purpose, of the brand. Instead of aesthetically pleasing wrapping, we strive to communicate the human truths in a brand’s mission.

  • Product Launch Concepts,

    We execute Product Launch Concepts from idea to roll-out. Before cutting through with end users, marketers need to sell in to their organisations. We help secure internal alignment, ensuring a smoother implementation process.

  • Social Media Concepts,

    Repurposing content designed for other channels won’t cut it any more. We develop concepts that are inherently social, and always rooted in the marketing strategy.

  • Influencer Marketing Programmes,

    Authenticity and trust are key parameters in our Influencer Marketing Programmes. We identify and brief influencers that fit your brand, co-create content and follow up on set goals.

  • Customer Engagement Programmes,

    In order to improve loyalty and commercial results we offer Customer Engagement Programmes in close collaboration with our partner agency Responsive. By combining their expertise in Data and Marketing Automation with our core offering, we deliver a uniquely holistic proposition.

  • Visual identity & design (brands & products),

    We develop consistent and compelling visual identities for local and global clients rooted in the DNA of the brand and a deep understanding of the target audience.

Activation & Production

  • Global Marketing Toolboxes,

    With many of our clients targeting multiple segments in multiple countries, we’ve grown highly adept at developing Global Marketing Toolboxes designed to support local market needs without jeopardizing the core idea and brand identity.

  • Content & TVC Production,

    With brands moving away from campaigns and bursts into an ‘always-on’ mode where they are expected to engage and interact with customers and prospects on their terms, our production team has the skills and agility to craft social content and large-scale productions equally cost-effectively.

  • IA, UX & Digital Design ,

    We’ll structure the content of your website, app, or sales tool and let it shine with striking and functional visual design. But not before conducting a rigorous analysis of the target group’s digital behaviour to ensure a compelling user experience.

  • Print Production (collateral, brochures, etc.),

    In an increasingly digital world, print may not be the fashionable medium but we believe it still plays a vital role in fashioning a brand’s aesthetic, and communicating its values. As such, we’re proud to boast such a strong team of designers committed to the craft.

  • POS & Demonstration Tools,

    We understand the importance of activating products and brands at point of sale - both on- and offline. We develop engaging POS concepts and demonstration tools suitable for different situations and target groups.

  • Packaging Design,

    We see packaging as an extension of the product experience as well as a crucial touch point in the customer journey: “When the campaign is done, the box will live on.”

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While we have the skills and expertise to take on any communication task in any industry, the bulk of our experience has come in the following sectors. One of the advantages of being around as long as we have is you appreciate that a dogmatic, one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Keep reading for more insights into our flexible way of working.


Much of our experience has come in highly regulated industries with complex value chains. We’ve been lead agency for hearing aid specialists GN ReSound and Widex, and we’ve been working with the medical device manufacturer Coloplast since 2009. These companies face immense complexity when launching innovative, highly technical products globally. In a sector that traditionally demands a careful balance between rational and emotional communication, we’ve helped our clients succeed with:

· Impactful communication concepts tailored to both professionals and end users

· A Global Marketing Toolbox methodology that ensures a smooth process from concept development to execution and local implementation

· Innovative launch strategies that combine traditional in-selling tactics with emerging online channels and tools

Read about our work with Widex

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We’ve worked with many FMCG brands over the years including o.b., Ipren, Cultura, A38, Apovit, Sun-Lolly, Piz Buin and Solgryn. These brands typically exist in a fierce competitive landscape with other FMCG brands as well as private labels. Helping them outperform the competition starts with an understanding of their functional and emotional benefits before helping them define their role in the consumer’s lives. And by defining relevant touch-points in the customer journey we help define new potential for the brand. FMCG brands also rely on the support of retailers and we often play a key role in the less glamorous – but no less vital – tactical aspects of stakeholder involvement and selling-in.

Read about our work with Piz Buin

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Business-to-business communication has changed. Companies that once relied almost exclusively on sales calls and congresses have long since incorporated B2C tactics, broadening their funnels in the process and often resulting in a decreased role for the sales team. We’ve shepherded companies such as Widex, Berendsen, Chr. Hansen and Nilfisk through these changing times, helping them pioneer direct-to-consumer channels and forge stronger brands. But B2B companies retain a unique complexity when it comes to internal dynamics and value chains. And for our B2B clients, our experience is a key asset they have come to rely on when it comes to selling-in launch concepts across markets.

Read about our work with Widex

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Public sector/NGOs

With 15+ years of experience working with organisations as diverse as Energistyrelsen, fødevareBanken, Øresundsbron, DOT and Hjerteforeningen, we understand that communication for the public and NGO sectors must always be rooted in a deep understanding of the political and legal realities. From that starting point, we’ve been able to produce cost-effective campaigns that consistently deliver on brief. For in-depth examples of our work in this sector, see our work for BedreBolig and our recent campaign for fødevareBanken.

Read about our work with fødevareBanken

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Kids and Families

When you’re communicating to families, it’s all too easy to focus on the decision-makers while forgetting the children. Our dual-targeting approach, developed over years of working with companies and brands including LEGO, SolGryn, Havre Fras and Sun Lolly, has resulted in a number of award-winning campaigns, often redefining the conventions of the category in the process. This approach demands a profound understanding of family dynamics, a nuanced take on media behaviour among both parents and children, and the ability to build consensus internally when moving forward with ‘unconventional’ communication.

Read more about our work with LEGO

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Selected Partners

We are a Collaborative Full-Service agency. When the client and the assignment demands it, we team up with hand-picked technical and tactical specialists to complement our core offering and ensure we can deliver a holistic – and tailored – solution.

Our partner for all things data, Responsive excel in advanced analytics, marketing automation and quantitative insights.

We've been working on LEGO projects with this world-class animation and visual effects studio since 2000.

Our public sector media partners for the past 10 years, IUM are experts at optimizing the effective public campaigns.

Worldwide Partners is a boutique international network of 65 agencies committed to global collaboration.

"A technology-oriented digital agency. Together with their team of specialists we've developed several websites, mobile apps and digital sales tools."

"Is there an app for that?" If not, Novasa can develop it. Our go-to geeks for mobile and web apps.

As members of this global network of more than 800 agencies, we're able to tap into local expertise that can help our clients execute global yet locally rooted marketing activities.

Userneeds is one of the biggest Danish online survey companies. They are a valuable partner when it comes to scoping and planning research projects as well as developing questionnaires for surveys.

This world-class 3D animation company are masters at visualizing product benefits.

Geelmuyden Kiese is one of the leading PR agencies in the Nordic region. Our trusted partners when it comes to public sector projects, including Energistyrelsen and DOT.

Former colleagues, now trusted partners on digital development on everything from Facebook apps to display banners.

A forward-thinking digital agency that pays extra attention to the user experience. A key web development partner who were our first choice when it came to creating our own site.

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