What’s inspiring our creatives this Autumn


What’s inspiring our creatives this Autumn

The leaves are falling, and the days are getting comically shorter. It can only mean one thing, it’s autumn and 2022 is on its way out. So how do our creative team avoid going into hibernation mode?

From walking in the woods just after sunrise, taking a dip into the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea, or contemplating the many reasons to travel, we’re taking the inspiration of the season into the work we do.

Here’s what some of our creatives had to say:

Michael Sten, Creative Director

"Walking for an hour in the forest just after sunrise gives me energy and inspiration. The many colors and different smells of the fall forest. The wind playing with the treetops and the sun shining through the leaves. Small magic moments that last throughout my day."

Saoirse McKenna, Senior Copywriter

"This week I’ve been inspired by British Airways latest campaign that plays on the well-worn question, 'What is the purpose of your visit?'

Beside the usual pleasure and business, the campaign articulates the many reasons we travel. My favourites of these are; ‘I’ve had a ring in my pocket for long enough’ and ‘to exit through every giftshop’. Copy-only campaigns are a rare breed and this one manages to be both simple and beautifully written, i.e, I’m very, very, very jealous." 

Kathrine Birkelund, Project Manager

"In the autumn and winter, I winter bathe and sauna. I am a member of a club and attend saunagus regularly. It helps me focus and gives me a chance to just sit and do nothing but sweat. After a cold dip in the sea, I feel like a new person!"

Elize van der Laan, Copywriter

"What inspires me this time of year is: a complete realignment of the senses due to seasonal change.

The same open waters that were welcoming and inviting just weeks ago suddenly seem more dark, ominous, and powerful. And speaking of powerful, the smell of freshly baked wienerbrød seems a lot more alluring when juxtaposed with the brisk morning air on the daily commute."

Daiva Friedmann, Junior Copywriter

"As a writer, witnessing another creative’s process is the ultimate inspiration. I recently read “Devotion” by Patti Smith, a book in the Why I Write series. Why I write publications are based on the Windham-Campbell lectures and each is a window into a different writer’s mind. I found Patti Smith’s explanation of her creative process and inspirations to be a wonderfully insightful read. Looking at another writer’s process, especially one I so greatly admire, allowed me to better analyse the way I write and my own process."