One piece of advice on: writing for a global audience


One piece of advice on: Writing for a global audience

So often at work, we’re so busy honing our craft and helping clients that we don’t stop to reflect or share the things we learn along the way. In our newest ‘one piece of advice’ series, we ask colleagues from all corners of Advance to spread their knowledge with the rest of us, the wider industry, and the next generation of talent.

As an agency where 65% of the creative department are not Danish natives and 80% of our clients are international, we know a thing or two about ideas that work across borders. With that in mind, we asked some of our linguistically inclined creatives to pass on one tip for writing for audiences in multiple markets.


Chris Lee Ramsden, Creative Director

“Don’t underestimate the power of simple language. It’s only when you veer away from simplicity, that you lose control over the message, and you leave yourself open to misunderstandings” 

Chris Calvert, Senior Concept Developer

“If you base your work on genuine human insights, your writing stands a greater chance of making a universal connection”

Fergus Kenny, Creative Director

“Focus on finding that specific truth that will engage all people emotionally. Something that strongly connects with a universal and deep-seated need or concern.”

Elize van der Laan, Copywriter

When writing for a diverse audience, you won’t be able to account for everyone’s beliefs and opinions. Don’t let that overwhelm you…lean into it and don’t fear being bold.


Communicating one message that resonates with millions of people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences isn’t easy. The wisdom from our wordsmiths suggests that to do it well, you have to be simple, human and stay focused in a world full of overwhelming cultural differences.