How a clear mission creates a clear direction for Coloplast


Among our clients, Coloplast is a prime example of a company working purposefully to make a clear difference to their customers, worldwide. Coloplast’s mission statement is “Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs”. And this mission permeates throughout their company, across departmental borders: in product development, patient support programs, in collaborations with healthcare professionals, as well as in marketing.


Users' own stories help create a whole new product category

When Advance was asked to help Coloplast launch the SenSura® Mio Concave, a brand new and unique ostomy solution for users with outward body profiles, it was clear that we had to rely on Coloplast's mission statement as a guiding star when developing the marketing strategy. Naturally therefore, we asked users to tell their personal stories of what difference the new product made in their lives.

During the pre-launch period we were given the opportunity to interview four users who had tested SenSura® Mio Concave, and hear about the challenges of living with a stoma and their experiences with this new solution. The message was clear: the users were delighted to finally get a solution that was tailored specifically to them, ensuring the outgoing body profile against leakage and skin irritation.

We then followed users Rachel and Steve on their first journey together after they both had undergone ostomy surgery. And that became the focal point of an insightful and engaging launch campaign that targeted both healthcare professionals and the product’s prospective users.

Advance developed the global product launch as well as a marketing toolbox containing materials supporting internal kick-off, pre-launch, launch and post-launch, retail instructions, SenSura® Mio portfolio material, content for their social media, direct marketing material, landing page, instructional videos, and more.

The campaign thus became a clear expression of Coloplast's mission statement.


Successful implementation in 16 markets

Since November 2018, SenSura® Mio Concave launched in 16 core markets using the global marketing toolbox developed by Advance. Though sales results are confidential, SenSura® Mio Concave is considered one of the drivers behind Coloplast’s major growth into the ostomy business in 2018/19 *.

*Coloplast Annual Report 2017/18

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