Gavin Mulligan to present at the CMO Challenges


How do you ensure your brand stays true in an ever-changing world?

On the 12th of September, Advance Creative Director, Gavin Mulligan, took the stage to explain our approach to Denmark’s top 150 CMOs at Dansk Markedsføring’s CMO Challenges event.

Strongly rooted in the beliefs and working practices of the agency, this 30-minute talk laid out eight key principles we adhere to when helping clients avoid the distractions that threaten to divert their brand from its true meaning and stay on course for growth.

The CMO Challenges event collected together sharp and relevant keynote speakers, committed participants and professional partners to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities CMOs face today.


Watch the full live stream here 
(Note: The first 4 minutes and 30 seconds are not watchable. Skip to 4:31, where the keynote starts)

Read more about the event via CMO Challenges


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Creative Director, Partner

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