Advance partners with the Red Cross to give young people the courage to act


Advance partners with the Red Cross to give young people the courage to act

With the right amount of courage, every teenager has the power to save a life. Thats why we’ve partnered with the Red Cross to create an innovative learning program.

Aimed at students in 7th - 9th grade, "Courage to act" (in Danish: Mod til at handle) is a new interactive and digital learning tool that teaches students the importance of taking action in an emergency. At its core are three interactive films that make use of engaging and realistic devices usually found in film or gaming universes.

Morten Schwarz Lausten, who is responsible for the Red Cross School Service says: 

”We wanted to find an exciting and engaging way to give young people the courage to intervene in case of an accident. Our aim is to make them confident in providing first aid and to get a better understanding of the power we all have to save lives.”

Morten Schwarz Lausten continues and emphasises that "The films are not a course in first aid, but an extra tool to encourage action and get more teenagers interested in going on to take a first aid course."

Trailer for Courage to act (in Danish: Mod til at handle)


What makes it work?

According to Camilla Grove Pelle, Advance CO-CEO, putting the teenage audience at the centre of stories and understanding what captures their attention was a vital part of the process. 

"Our task has been to create a universe that teenagers can relate to and that captures them visually and emotionally. As always, it is super important to engage the target audience, but here we also put them in control. We do this with a solution where the young people are in the middle of all the dilemmas and have to make the choices themselves."

Camilla Grove Pelle continues: 

"The vision of the award-winning director behind the films, Emil Dam Seidel from Uitch Iscratch, also played a monumental role in why the platform works. So much so, that Emil received the Young Director Award 2022 at Cannes for three of the films under the category of 'Online Branded Film'."

It’s hard for Camilla Grove Pelle to hide her pride in the work, but what really matters to her is that the program achieves its goal and makes a difference.

"Our children must be prepared to act if one day they experience their best friend falling over. It’s exactly what all of Denmark saw when men's national team player Christian Eriksen's collapsed last year."

Experience the interactive learning tool by clicking here