We are excited to join Worldwide Partners


A collaborative process that lets us deliver the best possible solution 

We are excited to join Worldwide Partners to strengthen our international position - helping brands stay true in a world that never stands still.

Worldwide Partners is a global network of independent agencies. They have built superior market coverage and innovative services through a range of collaborations, and with them, we will be joining a global network consisting of 70 agencies in 40 different countries.

We believe this relationship will allow us to gather greater international insights, find new business opportunities and work even better with our clients locally.

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International capabilities

Collaborative network of agencies 
Worldwide Partners pair specific partners with clients so they can work together in real tine and maximise costs-effective results.

Global outreach 
We are a part of a worldwide team consisting of over 3.600 people, over 60 agencies in 50 different countries. 

Holistic process 
Engaging with regional and global teams to develop just the right marketing services, and local teams to implement in the markets. 

World class capabilities 
With the outreach of Worldwide Partners, we will get the resources, insights and intelligence to capitalise on local, regional and international business opportunities.

Our internal team representing the partnership (from left to right): Chris Calvert (Sr. Concept Developer), Hanne Madsen (Project Manager), Ann-Louise Rosen (Client Service Director), Claus Wittenborg (Partner and CEO)


Want to know more about our global marketing services?

Contact Client Service Director, Ann-Louise Rosen

Ann-Louise Rosen

Client Service Director

30 30 29 73 ARO@advance.dk