Founded in 1976 Advance is now one of Denmark’s largest independent creative agencies. Proudly headquartered in Copenhagen, our perspective is distinctly global thanks to a healthy mix of Danish and international clients. Today, more than half of our work is produced for international audiences.



In our work with clients, we believe less can be more. For a brand to identify its true uniqueness and commercial potential, it needs to strip away the layers that distract from its central mission. Let’s explain what we mean…

Less Supplier – More Partner

If you’re a supplier and you get a brief, you answer it. As a partner our job is to care enough to question it. We know there is always a business problem behind every communication brief. That’s why we use our creativity to first solve the business problem before creating communication.

Less Promises – More Delivery

Many brands over promise and under-deliver. When a brand doesn’t deliver, it shows it doesn’t care and when a brand doesn’t care, consumers certainly won’t bother to. We encourage our clients to promise less and deliver more by identifying the single, inherent promise that is unique to their brand and work to coherently integrate that promise into everything the brand does; from the products they sell, the services they offer, the customer experiences they provide, and of course...the communication they create.

Less Observation – More Insight

Building resonant brand platforms starts with the easy part... doing the necessary work to gather the observations, patterns and facts accumulated through quantitative studies, trends, forecasts and share data. The hard part starts – the part we take great care to spend time on – when we begin to uncover what lies behind and motivates these behaviours, allowing us to identify the deeper instincts and desires that ultimately provide the insights that prove compelling enough to connect consumers to brands.

Less Advertising – More Advocacy

We know how essential it is for brands to start seeing their consumers as ambassadors. As well as effective advertising campaigns, we create content that encourages and facilitates brand engagement and advocacy.

Less Control – More Collaboration

Our long experience as a lead agency and brand guardian has taught us that true guardianship is not about maintaining control, it’s about understanding that our clients need us to support their organisations at both the central and local levels. Having learned how to let go at the right time and to be there with the right support is not only why we create real, lasting results, it’s also the reason why we have the longest client relationships in the business.

Less Surface – More Substance

The days of brands faking it and buying fame are long gone. Transparency rules with audiences refusing to be sold to as they celebrate the good and criticize the bad, demanding to know, and ready to reveal the truth behind brands. We make sure our clients avoid making false promises or indulging in superficial wrapping by identifying and communicating the true value their brands provide.



Our story started in 1976 when the Ted Bates network won a Playmobil pitch. But they immediately faced a challenge: how to resolve the conflict of interest that came from already having LEGO as a client in Denmark? The solution was to spin off a new agency – Advance. Over forty years later, we remain proudly independent, and we continue to work with LEGO. Many more clients have since joined the family and, with 60+ employees from all over the world, we're now one of the largest creative agencies in Denmark.


Claus Wittenborg

CEO, Partner

40 25 79 20

Gavin Mulligan

Creative Director, Partner

20 67 96 28

Henrik Hertz

Director, Head of Finance & Administration, Partner

23 44 25 24

Jens Krog

CEO, Partner

21 47 69 26

Jeppe Fonnesbæk

Director, Head of Concept Activation, Partner

40 31 35 66

Morten Kirckhoff

Director, Head of Concept Development, Partner

20 12 30 60

Sofie Svarre

Director, Head of Insight & Strategy, Partner

23 32 56 79

Camilla Grove Pelle

Head of Digital Strategy & Projects

61 71 58 84

Michael Matzen

Manager, Head of Production

29 99 44 28

Helle Stübner


33 93 99 20

Aaron Bateman

Copywriter, Concept Development

Anders Søland

Account Executive/Junior Planner

Anne Helt

Project Manager

Annemette Elkær

Graphic Designer, Concept Activation

Anne Mette Thorgils

Project Manager

Athlyn Cathcart-Keays

Jr. Copy

Birgitte Røn

Designer, Concept Activation

Camilla Strodtmann


Charlotte Tvede-Jensen

Project Manager

Chris Calvert

Copywriter, Concept Development

Fergus Kenny

Copywriter, Concept Development

Gustavo Guerrero

Concept Developer

Gustav Stork Jangaard


Hanne Madsen

Project Manager

Jakob Mortensen

Designer, Concept Activation

Jakob Petersen

Production, Film

Jesper Sommer Schjølin

Insight & Strategy Developer

Jon Thomsen

Digital Experience Manager

Kathrine Dahl Nielsen


Kim Flügel

Art Director, Concept Development

Kim Schaumann Johansen

Client Service Director

Kurt Erik Hansen

Illustrator & Designer, Concept Activation

Lene Ørsø


Mai Pagh

Art Director, Concept Development

Maja Voola

Project Manager

Malene Zarp


Martin Haagensen

Art Director, Concept Development

Mette Næsby

Digital Strategist

Michael Sten Andersen

Copywriter, Concept Development

Michala Baden

Insight & Strategy Developer

Mikkel Brøndum


Monika Garnyte

Insight & Strategy Developer

Nina Dyreborg Bruun

Project Manager

Patrick Bendix

Content Producer

Peter Christian Kofoed Thomsen

Insight & Strategy Developer

Peter Poulsen

Client Service Director

René Geertsen

Digital Experience Manager

Rune Seir

Digital Experience Manager

Sabrina Weinreich

Digital Designer, Concept Activation

Sandra Klinge

Junior Digital Experience Manager

Sofie Engell

Digital Designer, Concept Activation

Sofie Kampmark

Illustrator, Concept Activation

Stine Jørgensen

Digital Experience Manager

Sune Bjørn Pedersen

Art Director, Concept Development

Søren Saabye Schandorph


Thomas Nielsen

Designer, Concept Activation

Thomas Østerby


Thorsten Beham

Art Director, Concept Development

Tina Bagge Larsen

Project Manager

Tiffany Leung

Social Media Strategist

Trine Schou

Executive Producer, Head of Film Production

20 96 30 66

Trudy Follwell

Copywriter, Concept Development

Zdenko Oliver Santini

Art Director, Concept Development

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