What inspired our creative team
this month


What inspired our creative team this month

The sun is peeking through the clouds, the world is opening up, culture is back with a bang and our creative team are feeling inspired. From Eurovision, to an art exhibition in a small fishing village, here’s what got our crop of creatives thinking this month.


LEGO’s new Everyone Is Awesome set

Trudy Follwell, Senior Concept Developer

"I was blown away by my recent talk with Matthew Ashton, VP Design at the LEGO Group for an article about their latest set.  I just didn’t expect that level of realness in an interview. He was honest and vulnerable about his experience of being part of the LGBTQI+ community, and super passionate about being able to make this bold statement about love and inclusivity. It is, of course, a pleasure to work on a beloved brand like LEGO, but it’s really so inspiring that they are now making a bold statement that creativity is for everyone…and loving people back. Read the article here."


The art of nature

Annemette Elkær, Graphic Designer and Concept Activator

"Last week, I took a trip to a small town called Rørvig, about an hour and 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. There, by the harbour, in a little fishing shed, an artist was showing some of her work.  Her unusual technique exposed raw natural materials, like straw, leaves and seaweed, to a light-sensitive liquid. The result was the most amazing graphic expressions - almost like a mixture of a watercolour painting and a graphic print. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her name, but it was such an interesting process and got me thinking about the great beauty of nature."


Eurovision Song Contest

Roxana Cioscan, Digital Designer

"Who doesn’t like a bit of camp euro-pop? This year’s return to Eurovision was a welcome distraction from the seriousness of the world recently. It was a joyous reminder to embrace fun, lightness and things opening up."


The next generation of creative talent

Saoirse McKenna, copywriter

"Earlier in the month I was over the moon to be a part of a virtual judging panel for a creative student award in my old stomping ground, Scotland. The brief was to address the legacy of Scotland’s links with the slave trade - not the easiest of asks! looking at the work submitted and chatting to the shortlisted entrants, I was astounded by their originality and how they each tackled such a tough topic. I’ve also been exploring the shortlisted entries for the D&AD New Blood Award (their student division) and can’t get this entry out of my head…"


Bo Burnham’s lockdown comedy special on Netflix

Jack Gardner, copywriter

"I don’t think anything—a film, TV series, a book, anything—has had the effect on me that this special had. It has summed up the last 18 months so note-perfectly, that I can imagine showing it to my grandkids if they ever ask “what was Coronavirus like?”. It’s utter genius. (Of course, if Bo Burnham is to be believed, the idea of me having a conversation with my grandkids is a bit of wishful thinking on my part)"


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