From Edinburgh to Copenhagen


Welcoming the latest member of our international team

In February, we gave a warm Danish welcome back to returning Irish Copywriter, Saoirse McKenna.

In what feels like a pre-covid lifetime ago, Saoirse came to us in October 2019 from fellow Edinburgh-based Worldwide Partners agency, The Union, as part of an exchange program, to learn a thing or two about Danish agency life.

“I was interested in what makes Danes so happy, the Danish attitude to work/life balance and of course, Advance and its clients.” says Saoirse.

”I absolutely loved my time here – the country, the city, the agency. In the UK, before covid, there was more of a “work hard, play hard” culture. You eat your lunch at your desk, and staying late is the norm, even if only for appearances. The Danes have a healthier attitude – among other things, eating lunch together with your colleagues (when we return to normal, of course). It is a practical approach, and it works: The Danish are more productive,” says Saoirse and adds: “And I had the chance to work on some really interesting projects for LEGO and Coloplast.”

She returned to Edinburgh, and when Covid-19 hit, she worked remotely from her home city of Belfast. However, the desire to return to Denmark never quite went away and she was delighted to come back permanently in March this year.


Saoirse now lives in Copenhagen, has become hopelessly addicted to pastries and has a new role as a copywriter at Advance:

“I’m so excited to be back in Copenhagen, to be in a new culture and to have the chance to be a professional tourist for the foreseeable. I also feel really lucky to work somewhere with such an international atmosphere. Not just with our clients, but my colleagues well. Everyone speaks English, but I’d still like to really learn Danish.”

Advance CEO, Jens Krog, is proud of our international culture:

“At Advance, we work primarily with clients that operate internationally. So, it is, and has always been, very important to us, to cultivate a diverse and international culture at the agency. It gives a great dynamic and understanding of other cultures. Today, 20% of our employees are not from Denmark, and we are really proud to also be able to attract and hold on to strong international talents”.


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