Meet our new Advancers


Meet the newest members of the Advance team

2022 has seen lots of exciting changes, an expanding team and more than a handful of new faces here at Advance. So, we thought it’s about time we introduced them. Hailing from all over the world and with skill sets just as diverse, we’re very excited to welcome in these lovely new members to the team…


Irini Loukakis Önen, Graphic Designer
Irini is a half Danish, half Greek multidisciplinary designer, with a background in graphic and interactive design. Having recently been on maternity leave, Irini is now an expert in baby swimming, baby rhythmics and all the other major baby sports. She also owns not one, but three olive trees on the island of Crete in Greece.

Michelle Bjerke Sass, Senior Project Manager
With 15+ years in the advertising industry, Michelle has worked on a variety of clients, big and small. Of all the clients and all the campaigns, her craziest and most memorable involved not just jumping off a cliff but jumping off a cliff whilst trading on the stock market. Sounds risky. Outside of Advance, you can find Michelle coming up with her best ideas, while riding her horse in the woods.

Elize Van Der Laan, Copywriter
Having lived in the US, India, Amsterdam, and Berlin, Elize now calls Copenhagen home and has joined us as a copywriter. When she isn’t writing, she can be found playing (and sometimes performing) music. She may even have a secret hit on Spotify…

Anne-Sofie Serup Kjærhauge, Project Manager
Anne-Sofie was one of three employees at her last company, so is super happy to have made the switch to bustling, energetic agency life. Having grown up in 14 homes with home-renovation-loving parents, she is a natural project manager and is always planning her next big project at home.

Mark Olander Holst, Film and Production Intern
Mark is here to learn the ropes while he studies Film and TV Technical production at CPH Next. Although he’s now found his true calling, Mark has tried his hand at acting, computer restoration and has worked as a paintball instructor. When he isn’t working or studying, he’s outside flying drones or inside playing video games and watching films.

Emil Towity, Senior Strategist 

Emil joined us in January with years of global client experience in both B2B and B2C under his belt. A real outdoorsy type, Emil loves balancing the pace of 9-5 with the calm of the outdoors and has hiked all over the world, including Patagonia. 

Morten Olsen, Art Director, Concept Developer
Morten has been the brains behind an arm and a leg's worth of healthcare campaigns since 2005. A rare find these days, he still likes to do things the Old School Art Director way and can usually be found sketching away on his layout pad. He also owns more than 25 pairs of different Clarks Original Desert Boots, but incidentally, has never been to the desert.

Pha Khem, Senior Project Manager
Beginning her career in nutrition and dietetics, Pha made her big move to Advertising in 2017. Pha’s unusual adland career path doesn’t end there. Before coming to Advance, she worked in a dual role as a senior project manager and (gasp!) copywriter. Pha loves cooking and even runs a Supper Club from her apartment.

Anne Goto, Senior Project Manager
Rounding off our list of globetrotters is Anne. A travel junkie through and through, Anne has lived in the US, Japan and Canada and travelling is still her favourite thing to do. Here at Advance, she’ll be using her wealth of worldly experience in branding and design to run the international accounts, Rexton and Carestream Dental. Even when she isn’t working or travelling, Anne likes to stay on the move and runs the Copenhagen lakes 3 times a week.

From top left to right: Anne-Sofie, Anne, Elize, Emil and Irini.
From bottom left to right: Mark, Michelle, Morten and Pha.