Communicating Complexity with Simplicity


How do you communicate the benefits of a cutting-edge technology to both hearing aid experts and consumers?

In April 2018, leading Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex announced the launch of the ground-breaking WIDEX EVOKE™ - the first hearing aid to ever feature advanced machine learning technology in real time. Together with major advances in sound technology, WIDEX EVOKE provides a clearer and more personal hearing experience than ever before.

Together, WIDEX worked with Advance Copenhagen for the WIDEX EVOKE rollout – product positioning, creative concept development, branding guidelines and video. (The two brands have been collaborating since 2011.)

Introducing the Widex EVOKE Hearing aid


Making the technical relatable

”One key challenge with B2B marketing like this is that we’re communicating to hearing experts (dispensers). We have to frame the product in a language they find relevant and can trust, while telling a story that’s succinct and can be easily retold to users,” explains Advance’s CEO Claus Wittenborg.

We used a combination of two visual universes in order to contextualise the technology story in a way that is relatable to end-users. A graphical mesh representing the hearing aid’s analysis and interpretation of the soundscape overlaid real-life situations that exemplified the challenging sound environments those with hearing loss face. This also reinforces WIDEX’s audiological positioning of ‘Real Life Hearing’ and the ground-breaking essence of the technology expressed in the campaign line, ‘Hearing Has Evolved’.

”The concept that ‘Hearing Has Evolved’ was used throughout creative assets as a red thread and straightforward assertion that this product is truly ground-breaking for dispensers who have been in hearing for years and new users. The technology has come so far, and WIDEX EVOKE™ is at the forefront of that advancement,” says Gavin Mulligan, Advance Creative Director and Partner.


Investing in international creative talent 

Close collaboration between WIDEX and Advance produced a winning product positioning strategy, creative concept development, Master Story concept description, video for WIDEX’s website, YouTube and sales teams and visual guidelines and assets to for global execution.

WIDEX’s U.S. team received the visual guidelines and concept language enthusiastically, a key to the success of the global launch and further confirmation, for Advance, that its investment in international creative talent is critical to success.

”Our employees come for all over the world. Being an international Danish agency is crucial in creating marketing concepts and assets that our clients’ teams all around the world will embrace and use to their advantage. American teams are apt to reconfigure brand assets if they see them as distinctly Nordic. We’re always staying conscious of the biases and cultural styles that we each bring to the table and utilising our diversity for the benefit of our clients,” says Claus Wittenborg.

WIDEX EVOKE will become available in all major hearing aid markets beginning late April and continuing through May and June 2018.

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