How can we improve our time-to-market?


How can we improve our time-to-market?

Changing consumer behaviour and media consumption, technological development and an increasing competitive landscape put companies under increased pressure. Securing a competitive edge in the market is pivotal to growth and timing is often everything. 

Thus, hitting the market faster by optimising go-to-market processes and strategies has become a key driver for successful global marketers. 

According to Claus Wittenborg the key lies in transparent collaboration. Only with close dialogue in the relationship, will marketers attain the flexibility it requires to hit the market faster and with more efficiency.  

“Collaborating earlier, responding faster and having a truly flexible approach is essential for agencies in today's market”

- Claus Wittenborg, CEO and Partner 

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CMOs wants to improve go-to-market processes

The new study from Worldwide Partners and the CMO council shows that 40% of international CMOs indicate that improving the go-to-market process is the top upgrade on deck for the year ahead.

This does not come as a big surprise considering that marketers have long been frustrated with the challenges of executing truly global campaigns, struggling to roll out global initiatives without significant cost and time delays.


That calls for alternative ways of developing and processing go-to-market strategies

Here are some of the lessons we've learned after more than 40 years of working with international clients:

1. Get marketing involved early
Act sooner and get communication and marketing involved as early as possible in the product value chain.

2. Create fluid processes and take the formality out of meeting scheduling
See the agency as a partner, and work closely together, continuously sharing ideas, results and data.

3. Invest in the long-term relationship
The learning gained through a long collaborative relationship enables a faster and more agile agency workflow.


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