A new communication concept for the Oresund bridge


What are you taking home with you?

Our new communication concept for the Oresund bridge has gone live. Or rather, the concept is busy strengthening the connection over the strait between Denmark and Sweden. The Oresund bridge has come home to Advance again. It’s actually the second time we’ve been responsible for developing and executing the bridge’s marketing. And it’s precisely the process of coming back to something valuable that is the whole axis of the concept. With “What are taking home with you?”, we have created a concept that can both recruit casual BroPas customers and also inspire existing customers to visit Denmark and Sweden more often.

The final solution has been very collaborative of nature. CEO, Jens Krog, explains: 


“It has been equally challenging and fun. We have worked closely with both IUM and Responsive to create a coherent delivery between media and platforms, so it's something we've enjoyed throughout the whole process”


It’s all about the return

The concept design was based on a core insight into the target group: leisure time has to be quality time. So, instead of just using all the things that Danes and Swedes can drive over and experience as inspiration, we chose instead to focus on all the things you come home with – as a family, as a couple, as friends. The bridge’s moment of truth is when customers drive home over the bridge with the car and their hearts full of what they’ve experienced.

What's better than seeing the kids sleeping quietly in the backseat on the way home from a great day?


Engaged customers from the get-go

From the first film going on air, followers of the Oresund bridge were quick to reach for their keyboards. They wrote unsolicited comments about all the experiences – and also all the consumer goods – they take back with them from the other side. This gave us a good idea of the concept’s potential. And the sales figures after the first campaign also look like they are creating positive value for the bridge, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.

The team (both client representatives, film crew and Advance) ready for a shoot at Øresundsbron


Business customers can also come home with more

We have also extended the new communication concept to the business segment. We have a common ambition to reap the benefits of synergies and create interaction between business and leisure communication on a much higher level than previously. The concept has now been rolled out at a number of Oresund Bronze business meetings, where successful companies and contractors talked about the important experiences they have taken home with them since they made their first business trip over the Oresund bridge.

Parallel to this, the business segments are being worked on directly with initiatives like offers of BroPas Business agreements, which give a discount of half price on the trip. And the increase in trade between Denmark and Sweden over the past few years means there are great opportunities for taking home greater market shares and exciting new orders.

The concept is presented internally at a Øresundsbron Business Meeting.


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Or you can see the concept live via Øresundsbron.  

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