LEGO Stranger Things - campaign that explored the ’80s nostalgia


Stranger Things

In 2018, LEGO Company approached us with the new LEGO: Stranger Things set "The Upside Down" - a product that collected key characters and scenes from the famous series that captures the 80's nostalgia. 

LEGO wanted a campaign that was able to attract adult consumers, who were fans of Stranger Things by delivering an authentic experience. At the same time, it should be able to gain exposure through the buzz of the IP Partner and let the LEGO brand as a whole ride the wave.

The product packaging for LEGO: Stranger Things.


Drivers of the creative concept

With a fan base that worship geekiness and emerged sub-culture around Stranger Things, we had an opportunity to tap into and acknowledge the community and use their language. As the fans don't only engage on social media, we had to use different channels to engage them, where they were. 


The Campaign

The campaign turned into a two-phase execution that seamlessly connected the product with the hunger for mystery and intrigue and also tapped into the unmistakable 80s Stranger Things universe. 

Phase 1 

The first phase of the campaign was intended to tease genuine LEGO and Stranger Things Fans about the new set. The clues started out subtle, but along the way, the hints became less ambiguous and by the time everyone had figured it out we announced the set. 


Phase 2

Now that the community had come to know about the imminent launch of the product, we began to promote it. But that didn't mean that we couldn't still connect to the mystery and 80s references of the Stranger Things world.  

Instead of a traditional product introduction by the designer, we made it into an 80's low budget talkshow.


True Award

We’re happy and proud to take home silver in The True Award category "Best Entertainment Campaign” for the work we did.

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